Omnichannel Contact Center. Not an option nowadays.

You wake up in the morning and open the phone. You see an offer for a product that interests you and send a message to the company.  Once you arrive at work and call the company because they haven’t even seen your message yet and you are in line for 5 minutes before you hang up because you don’t have any more time. During the break, on the company’s website, you open a chat and put in a message that nobody answers before you continue browsing to other websites. Finally, you call again and now yes, they answer, but nobody knows anything about your consultation by social networks and chat or your missed call this morning.

I’m sure you’ve been through this situation more than once and more than twice.

Unifying contact channels must be a top priority for businesses in 2020. Companies need their customers to feel like they are always talking to the same company, no matter how they choose to interact with the company, and that regardless of the channel, the customer feels that the agents have a 360-degree view of their practice.

An omnichannel approach is now what 89% of customers expect. Customers choose the channel, not the company.

Some companies offer social media or live chat as a bonus forcing customers to change the channel when the communication reaches a certain point.

At Essentiel Outsorcing we put in our customer’s hands the option to use omnichannel solutions to master their client’s Customer Experience.

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