New Covid Reality


Although teleworking was already an option in Essentiel Outsourcing, it is true that COVID-19 accelerated the whole process and forced a double effort:

2 weeks before the confinement, making an act of realism, we accepted what was going to be a reality and with the support of all the company’s resources we managed to get the agents to operate from their homes safely for them and for our clients, guaranteeing the kpis and the projects. At this time we are still in a difficult situation in our environment and we remain determined to further perfect teleworking as the return to the office seems, at the very least, doubtful in the short term. It is basically a question of accepting that what was a “contingency mode” has become a reality in “stable mode”.

I think it is clear to all of us that distance working offers clear advantages to both workers and companies but it is a ‘situation that demands a degree of commitment and responsibility from both parties in order to be successful.

On the other hand, it remains our task to demonstrate to our customers that Operations are not affected in any way in this “new” situation, which is not so new anymore.

Probably, once this pandemic is overcome, we will be in a situation where combining physical presence on the platforms with teleworking will be a reality that will have come to stay. We have learned to use the virtual tools that we already used as communication channels for motivation dynamics and, in general, the teams have felt comfortable at all levels regardless of their age, lowering the levels of absenteeism to points never seen before.

We are convinced that from COVID we are going to come out stronger and with the capacity to face the different adversities that we are going to encounter in the future: another clear consequence is that we have had to invest in tools that facilitate daily tasks and provide the teams with the necessary skills, tools that were there but that were difficult to penetrate into the day-to-day with the current intensity.

At this very moment, in many places in Europe the Covid is attacking again but our teams are protected at home with a comfortable and safe working environment.


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