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So, you want to outsource. Fine. You are in the right place. :)

What can we offer you? Efficiency, Cost reduction, Expertise, and Staffing flexibility

Sounds good so far? Great!

We can offer you different locations or even a combination of these: Portugal, Barcelona, México, Vietnam, and/or Croatia.

What location is best for you? So it depends.

We put different locations in your hands

In terms of management, all locations are centralized with

  • the same intranet,
    security requirements
    and share the same multichannel CRM
    as well as dedicated management on site

Regarding quality, any of them. Our suggestions :

  • If you are planning to be involved and traveling regularly to meet the teams, then choose the one closest to your location
  • If you are not planning to meet the agents regularly and just videoconferences or meeting the management team in Barcelona is fine, then other things need to be taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, share with us some specifics of your project and we will suggest you the best location.

Remember that we are your partner not only an outsourcing company. Our goal is to work together on a long-term relationship.

Contact us and let us know your needs

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