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Boost incoming voice calls with AI Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

We understand the importance of a voice

  • Automatically logs all interactions
  • Improves customer journey and evaluates customer satisfaction
  • Easily scalable to handle higher call volumes
  • Minimizes wait times and enables interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Enable your customers to make contact with the right people

When customers call, we automatically display their history, past conversations and related data. This means our agents can concentrate on actually solving the problem, rather than asking for confirmation details again.

Whatsapp Fast customer service in the most used messaging app.

  • Global accessibility: Connect with up to 2 billion users
  • Delivers personalized experiences with secure, encrypted messaging.
  • Seamless data flow with existing integrations.
  • Automation with AI: automated self-service conversation flows.
  • Full history of interactions, intelligent routing

We have decreased our resolution time by 69% and improved our first response time by 61%.


Future-proof customer-centric travel


Available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Team up with AI

  • Real-time communication: Interact with your customers instantly.
  • It offers an integrated and real-time customer service.
  • Solve your customers' doubts immediately.
  • Language detection and routing of interactions.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to offer a 24/7 service.

Thanks to the implementation of live chat, we have achieved an impressive 34% of tickets resolved with a single response, compared to the 15% we had. This improvement has made a significant difference to our efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Efficient inbox efficient

  • Interface with detailed and actionable information about each interaction
  • AI suggests predefined answers to frequently asked questions
  • It allows our teams to concentrate on solving more complex queries.
  • Security of data, payment details and customer information.
  • Multiple accounts. Automation.

we have been able to increase productivity by 20% and improve operational efficiency. In addition, we have reduced resolution time by 30% and improved initial response time by 25%. Our email technology not only improves communication with customers, but also boosts business performance.


New generation email management

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