What is a Call Center Service Provider?

What is a Call Center Service Providers?


For any growing business or startup, relating with customers daily is a critical part of the overall business strategy. As your business grows, there comes a time when keeping track of calls, listening to customer’s complaints and demands, taking orders, chats, answering emails etc., can disrupt your everyday operations.

Ignoring these calls and enquiries and deciding to focus on your daily schedules can be counterproductive. It won’t serve your purpose one bit. Satisfied customers are the bedrock of your business, and excellent customer service is one way to win them over. Finding a way in between running your business and suiting the needs of customers through comprehensive customer service, keeps you on a steady path towards growing your business with dedicated customers behind you. So, how can a business put to rest this dilemma? Outsourcing your customer service needs to call center service providers would prove your best bet.


Call Center Service Providers And What They Do

These are companies that offer call center services. Wherein, a call center is a centralized department where a large volume of calls can be directed, which can either be inbound, outbound or both. Today’s call center providers administer services beyond just phone calls. They can handle live support software, e-mail services, social media engagement, faxes, parcels, letters and instant messaging etc.


A Brief History Of Call Center Providers

A lot has changed since the very first call centers came into place. Like many far-reaching technologies that have changed the way we communicate, relate with customers and market our services, there are varying opinions as to the precise origin of these call centers. What CallCenterHelper may call the “creation myth“. Rockwell Galaxy lay claims to the creation of this technology, but research dates the origin of call centers to the UK-based Birmingham Press and Mail, which installed Private Automatic Business Exchanges (PABX), to handle customers’ contacts.

Since then, the call center Service industry has blossomed and expanded, with more companies churning out innovative ways to reach customers. These Providers now cater to a wide range of industries across many sectors such as healthcare, financial services, consulting services, business process outsourcing (payroll, human resource and accounting services), car manufacturing, sports companies and charities.

How The Call Center Service Works

An Inbound Call Center Service Provider – They handle large volumes of calls, emails and chats coming in. They may screen such contacts and redirect them to qualified agents ready to take on the customers. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for calls is used to achieve this. It employs the use of an Interactive Voice Response System, which will use an automatic message to reply to customer queries. Now, all your needs such as customer’s enquiries about products and services, complaints, technical support, account management can be handled adequately.

An Outbound Call Center Service Provider – Here, call center service providers administer calls or send emails for clients. These services are primarily used for telemarketing products and services, fundraising, market survey, lead generation, send out invoices and schedule appointments.

With the rise in the number of outsourcing firms handling call center services for their clients, especially in offshore scenarios, a lot of firms are now keying into the call center service philosophy. Online merchants, mail-order organizations, find raisers and charities, telemarketing firms, computer product help desk and other large organizations have seen the need to outsource this service to quality and experienced firms. It is cheaper, it is convenient, it has been proven to generate more sales, and better skills are employed by the outsourced company whose workforce is better suited to handle customer relations.


Why You Need The Services Of Call Center Service Providers

This is an industry that is growing at an astronomical rate. The software market for call center was worth $16.28 billion in 2018, according to Grand View Research. More and more individuals are contacting their companies for more information on products/services offered or on technical support on after-sales. Research shows 83% of callers would avoid a company after a poor experience with an interactive voice response system. As a business owner and CEO, you need to be kept abreast of this information. As customers get more aware of their consumer rights, they wish to be taken more seriously, and their complaints and opinions given the quality response it deserves. Therefore, you need the services of call center services providers for the following reasons:

  • More Customer Information: An inbound call from a customer will present the best opportunity to get to know your customers more. It is the perfect “know your customer” scenario. You can obtain information about the demographics of your most loyal customers, their social groups, gender and other vital biodata. This will help in no small measure in channeling your marketing and advert strategies to what works. That way, scarce resources are saved and put in the right direction. Only an outsourced call center service provider will give you such a detailed report on customers’ behavioral patterns. It is a feedback process that works if duly implemented.
  • Excellent Customer Relation: With an outsourced call center provider, you’re assured of an excellent customer relations team. They’re trained to deal with tough customers, and they approach customers’ complaints in very diplomatic manners. After a series of training and retraining, this team can make a customer feel like he alone is the bedrock of your company. This is usually the best customer retention strategy, making the customer feel like he’s part of one big family. More loyal customers mean you’re assured of continuous patronage, even during the worst economic downturn.
  • Cost-Effective – Perhaps, this is the reason many companies are gradually outsourcing their call center service. It is very cost-effective. Funds that would have been used to hire, train and regularly update your customer service unit in the best practices globally, is put into other use.
  • Dealing With Your Deluge – For Starters, every customer has a high expectation from the customer service unit of the brand he chooses to patronize. They want their issues resolved very quickly, and efficiently too. Keep them on the waiting list, and they may be forced to look elsewhere. With 74% of customers preferring the phone for customer services, as a company, you may want to hire a call center service provider to deal with the overflow. This is the first step towards outsourcing your entire customer service unit to another firm. This is good, especially for businesses that are yet to embrace the innovation full time. Experiencing a total turn around in customer engagement after the first move to outsource might convince them.
  • Sustainability – In this age of innovative call center services, outsourcing its customer relations unit, for most companies, is here to stay. Service providers are introducing more disruptive technologies, and the industry is growing in leap and bounds. Cloud-based contact center market is growing; statistics of 2017 shows 62% of organizations moving to a cloud-based call center software solution. There is no going back. Adopting this customer relation strategy means you’re moving ahead with the times and planning. A future with artificial intelligence, web-based live chats and speech recognition software taking the center-stage, as regards customer service.


Choosing A call Center Provider

The following tips can fast-track your decision

  1. Decide on what you want – access the needs of your company, start-up or business and determine what type of services you need. 24-hour services? In-bound services only? Mails or phone calls only? When you’ve accessed your needs, then finding the right provider won’t cause much of a hassle.
  2. Verify the skills and proficiency of the provider – This will need a little research on your part. Also, speaking with sister companies and even your competitors, and getting referrals from them can help a great deal. Verify the provider’s staff skills and ensure it meets your requirements. Not just yours, that of your intending and current customers also.
  3. Can they manage your CRM solution? – Understanding your customers, their needs, the technical problems they’re experiencing, and all other details are critical to gaining more insights on your customers. This can only be achieved by integrating customer support data into your CRM.
  4. Location – Hire the services of providers in only locations that fit your customer needs. A company seeking to expand to untested grounds should hire service providers who understand the language, culture and worldview of their intending customers. This is strategic and can help your company gain the much-needed leverage in its new business environment.
  5. Are your data and privacy safe? – Companies should only outsource their contact centers to service providers that adopt the highest level of customers’ privacy and data security. That means going for a service provider whose security firewall is top-notch, whose software is the latest and who can protect your customers’ data from third party’s accessibility.
  6. Know the cost involved – Make sure you understand the billing processes of the service provider and how much you will be charged before going ahead with the contract. Some providers can charge you for customer’s time on hold. Be sure to understand these details.


Why You Need Us

We, at Essentiel Outsourcing, meet all requirements as outlined above. We are a global outsourcing provider of customer experience management with offices spanning across different regions and countries, where we strive to meet your specific language requirements. We have 16 years’ experience in the global scene, and we seek to provide you with the latest in BOTs Artificial Intelligence.

Ours is a cost-effective service, and our multi-channels would ensure your customers enjoy the best customer service experience ever. Our telemarketing expertise can be put to the test and watch your customer base grow, with added customer retention strategies.  We’re open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, all year round.

We truly want to see every start-up grow, that business blossom and that company thrive. We will employ our Telesales services to ensure that:

  • You get notified when a new lead comes in
  • We engage in a two-way conversation with customers
  • You get notified with actionable results.


Let us help you grow! Contact us today!!

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