5 Reasons why a startup should outsource

5 Reasons why a startup should outsource

Billions of euros are invested in the global outsourcing market. Understanding its effectiveness is not a difficult task. Outsourcing is found in several terms such as, service outsourcing or outsourcing that are currently managed by companies called call center, contact center, outsourcing company or BPO. The terms do not define all the services that a call centre can provide. Its services can range from human resources management, through chat management, programming, digital marketing campaign management, invoices, sales, data management, quality, call services coming out of a sales team. Etc. Outsourcing your work reduces your company’s costs significantly, it will be controlled by specialists and you will be able to offer competitive offers to your customers as well as an incredible, cost-effective and valuable time saving.

Does your company want to take it to the next level because it is in full development? Do you want to hire specialized employees at reduced costs? Here are the tips for a company to achieve its goals through outsourcing of services, outsourcing.

1. Outsourcing saves you money

Cost reduction is the main reason why companies outsource. In fact, 59 of the companies surveyed cited cost reduction as a motivation to put it into practice. What for? Outsourcing tasks to qualified professionals allows you to stick to smaller budgets and pay only what you need. This is generally much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee.

With full-time hiring, employers must take into account that social security contributions and contract types are different from country to country. First of all, we need to know in which country to outsource its services, without neglecting the impact on the quality of the work that will be brought. The end result is an employee that costs much less than in the country where the business is growing. In France the cost of an employee at 26 euros per hour all charges included and from 10 to 16 euros per hour in Spain. The savings will therefore be obvious. A bonus or inventive system is often put in place to motivate teams, improve their productivity, quality of work and according to results improve their salary condition.

Then there are the costs of finding a new employee. This amount is included in an outsourcing company’s offer. When you are looking for an employee, you apply to the outsourcing company and they will take over the entire process. It will do the same work as an acting agency but in this case from abroad and at a lower cost. No additional training, as the subcontractor will train the agents. No tedious maintenance processes and no additional expenses.

If you want to increase your company’s capacity, expand your flexibility in your offerings or discover and improve your skills, you won’t find a simpler and more accessible way than outsourcing.

2. Outsourcing guarantees by the management of specialists

Many companies make the mistake of considering outsourcing only when they reach their maximum capacity, using it only to manage the overflow of work. One of the main advantages of outsourcing, however, is not quick and easy access to an extra pair of hands. Rather, it is the competence of these extra hands.

When you outsource work, you entrust it to an expert who can target it to 100, who can offer you innovative solutions already used by other markets. You may be a fantastic entrepreneur, but you have to know how to surround yourself with people who will add value to your business, but it can be overpriced. If you are outsourcing, you don’t need to be that added value, your skills can’t be in all areas. It is enough to entrust specialized tasks to specialists but outsourcing this need.

3. Outsourcing players

74 of firms outsource IT services, 52 of firms outsource human resources, 43 of firms outsource purchases, and 39 of firms subcontract financing.

An expert for every task was unthinkable for many companies in the past. From now on, thanks to subcontracting, it is easily achievable.

4. Outsourcing saves you time

You may not yet be at the stage where a fully outsourced service needs to be required. But you probably need to free up time to focus on more critical tasks, your core business. There are many simple and effective ways to do this.

Outsourcing small tasks – checklist: social media management (SMM, Social Media Marketing), content creation (SEO, Search Engine Marketing) email marketing (Email Marketing), administration, archiving and billing (e.g. automate invoice management). Removing these tasks from your desktop allows you to focus on growing and improving your business. In addition, since every task you outsource is now assigned to a specialist, you will also save time on project management.

It will therefore be necessary to schedule planning meetings to define the costs of these actions over time. Once planned, send the actions to be put in place. You will get a 50 cheaper management fee. The process is simple, fast and cost-effective. And that’s why so many companies are doing it.

“Time is money”

5. Outsourcing allows you to expand your offer quickly

You can also call on an expert, or a team of experts, at any time. Service outsourcing allows you to gradually expand into new markets without breaking the bank.

Suppose you are a manager of a garment manufacturing company and you want to develop to make new models. Generally, it would have been a long process, not to mention the cost. You have to hire someone to do market research, recruit new qualified personnel in the manufacture of clothing. Then there are the additional resources you would need to sell your product in a new market.

Outsourcing these services allows you to pay essentially as you go.

Hire an external company to do market research: If the results are satisfactory, outsource a small production series to a manufacturer. Hire independent marketing and sales professionals for the hours you need and can afford. Outsourcing essentially allows you to develop new markets at your own pace, without overloading your resources. Test the market and, if the demand is there, gradually devote more outsourced resources to this sector of your business. You can invest by taking much less risk of losing money and you save time to track your current activity.

Conclusion: Outsourcing and the future of your business

If you want to increase your company’s capacity, expand your offering or improve your skills, there is no simpler and more affordable way than outsourcing.

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